New life for old computers
Instantly make your old, slow computer like new again — blazing fast
  •  See results in under 10 minutes
  •  Works on computers with broken or missing hard drives
  •  Works with both PCs and Macs
  •  Easy to set up and use
  •  Costs less than $25
  • Over 50,000 sold
Try Xtra-PC, risk-free — You're covered by our easy 30-day money back guarantee
How does Xtra-PC work?
It’s as easy as 1-2-3!
Plug in Xtra-PC
Use any USB port and restart your computer
Hit the boot menu key
Follow the easy, one time initial setup instructions
You’re all set!
Start enjoying your new, blazing fast computer in under 10 minutes
Xtra-PC Features
Surf the Web
with Firefox web browser
with Thunderbird mail
Work on Documents
and spreadsheets with Open Office
Listen to Music
with Audacious music player
View Photos
with Photo Viewer
Watch Videos
and movies with Media Player
Watch Xtra-PC in action
This computer has a crashed hard drive and won’t boot up.
See for yourself how easy it is to bring it back to life!
What people are saying about Xtra-PC
“My daughter wanted a computer for herself. But I wasn’t about to spend $500 on a new one. I had an old Toshiba I hadn’t used in years, so I figured I’d give Xtra-PC a try. WOW – AMAZING!!! My old, slow Toshiba performs great again – it’s perfect for her. Your product saved me hundreds!”

Stephanie S. — West Covina, CA
“Being a tech-junky myself, I know all about Linux and could’ve spent time and money doing this myself. But for the price... you guys have put together a truly remarkable product that makes doing it myself a waste of time (and seem downright foolish). I wish I thought of this myself!”

Charlie D. — Billings, MT
Your Xtra-PC Pro is easily one of the best value buys I’ve ever made. My computer crashed years ago and I never got around to doing anything about it because a certain ‘Geek Group’ wanted to charge me over $500 to recover everything. And for less than $90, not only did I recover all my important files, photos, videos, & music, but I also basically got a new computer. I’ve told everyone I know about Xtra-PC!”

Earl M. — San Jose, CA
The Xtra-PC story
“Small town inventor takes on tech giants with a device that’s saving people serious money”
Meet Mark Oman, the inventor and founder of Xtra-PC
Millions of computers (and people’s hard-earned money) are thrown out every year, usually due to simple problems that can be easily fixed. Mark couldn’t stand the thought of that and wanted to do something about it.

Using his background in technology, Mark set off with his son Adam on a mission to come up with a way to help people get more life out of their outdated or broken computers.

What they came up with is Xtra-PC.
  •  50 million metric tons of electronics waste (e-waste) are disposed worldwide every year.
  •  E-waste represents 2% of America's trash in landfills, but it equals 70% of overall toxic waste.
  •  Only 12.5% of e-waste is currently recycled.
  •  Don’t trash your old computer — make it useful again!
Frequently asked questions
My computer’s hard drive is crashed (or missing). Can I still use Xtra-PC?
Yes, absolutely! Xtra-PC runs completely from the USB, bypassing the hard drive. This is one of the most popular uses for Xtra-PC.
Can I access the files on my old computer?
Yes. The hard drive can be accessed from the old computer from Xtra-PC , making all of those files available if you choose.
Will I lose the existing files on my computer?
No. Xtra-PC runs from the USB and does not modify or overwrite any of your existing files.
Will Xtra-PC work with my monitor, keyboard, mouse and other peripherals?
Yes. We designed Xtra-PC to automatically detect and work with a wide range of peripherals with no configuration needed.
Can I install other programs (like Skype) on my system?
Yes. We designed Xtra-PC to allow users to easily add programs.
Do you offer refunds or returns?
Yes! We offer a full 30-day risk-free guarantee. If you are not completely satisfied with Xtra-PC for any reason, return it for a full refund (less original shipping charges) within 30 days of purchase.
Will Xtra-PC work on my computer?
Xtra-PC works on nearly all desktops, laptops, and netbooks made in 2004 or newer. Your computer must have the ability to boot from USB (most computers made after 2004 can do this). You will need a wireless or wired internet connection available for installation.
Can I use Xtra-PC on a Mac?
Yes. As long as the OS version allows you to boot from USB. Some Macs made before 2011 might not boot from USB. If you want to use Xtra-PC on a Mac, follow the instructions provided for your Mac to boot to USB.
Do I have to be connected to the Internet at all times, like on a Chromebook?
No. An Internet connection is only required for initial setup and for web browsing. Viewing photos, listening to music, watching DVDs, document creation and editing can all be done offline (like any other standard computer).
How does Xtra-PC make my computer faster?
Xtra-PC runs on a custom, optimized version of the Linux operating system, which is widely known for it's speed and stability. Xtra-PC is free of the bloatware, malware, and adware that severely bog down most computers.
Can’t I just get Linux free online?
Sure you can, if you’re tech-savvy and would enjoy researching, downloading, compiling, installing, and configuring Linux on your own, plus finding and installing all the apps you need. Xtra-PC was designed to be a fast and simple turn-key solution for people who would rather spend their time doing other things.
Order yours before they’re gone
and breathe new life into your old computer
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